>Winter 2011 (?)

>Got my unlimited broadband ready, well… not really unlimited since the ISP put 2.5GB quota for this month. Quick visit on animecalendar, anidb, some search on our favorite library… and get the torrent client ready.

As always, I searched for slice of life titles, preferring romance and comedy over action. But it seemed that the harem frenzy for this season hasn’t been started yet. So far, I had bagged four titles, three of them had been downloaded and watched, and the last one is still being downloaded.
Maybe this is a little bit late, but at least, I’ve managed to watch them no later than one week after their premiere.
Here they go…

Interesting heroine, a light story with a soft start. Sometimes I got lost within several long dialogs… can’t get a grasp on their reasonings.
The alien invasion theme failed to whet my appetite. I really lost my appetite thanks to those pants and boobs. Dropped out from this season’s watchlist.
Somehow it reminds me of Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou. Well, another school-life romance wouldn’t hurt, although I don’t really understand the meaning behind their existence, those gundam-like robots called ISs.
>Winter 2011 (?)

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