>Straight Edge, Spartan Anime Mailing List

>I was once active in id-anime IRC room at Rizon, a translator for an Indonesian fansub group, before being dumped for another translator with better command at Japanese (who pissed me off by stating that my translations were 90% incorrect). So, one day I googled for that keyword, hoping to find any update about them.

I found no relevant result, instead, I found a google mailing list that bears the name. As I checked out, this id-anime mailing list has nothing to do with my previous fansub group or the IRC room. I decided to join them, since I’ve felt I need more contacts from otaku community, and I’ve been rather distant from my fellow AOIndonesia mates.
My first post followed by a rather unpleasant respond, telling me to do ‘nungging’ (sorry can’t find the English equivalent, I’m not that good in English). Well, this word has some negative (if not perverted) connotations. Fortunately, before I exploded my head out of anger, after a while I found what they meant by ‘nungging’ on their wiki, which means, self-introduction.
OK, I proceed with the self-introduction. Oh, I forgot to mention, this group has a strong resentment against bootleggers, in this context, those who make out money from selling fansub releases, and I’ve constantly accused of being one of them, because of my late self-introduction.
The next step, I have to submit my ID to them, as the prove of my identity. Hmm, pretty picky isn’t it, for an otaku mailing list? To add up the mess, I’ve just lost my ID along with $12 in my wallet, still, they didn’t like my story, and yet another flames followed.

On 2011年01月22日 01:56, si bloon™ wrote: 
>>>  >>> makin kliatan sebagai BOOTLEGER. >>>  >>> Semakin ngeles semakin anonim semakin BOOTLEG
Eww, can’t hold this any longer. So I said this to them

2011/1/22 EIEN Mihoshi : 
>> KTM/KTP semua ilang. >>  >> Yg curiga saya bootlegger, silahkan tunjukkan buktinya.

and then another flame

On 22 Jan 2011, at 13:34, "."  wrote:  
> Yang mau masuk kemari siapa? Kamu itu bukan siapa-siapa demandnya > tinggi banget. Udah nggak baca wiki dan ga bisa googling panjang lagi > omongannya. Kamu pikir ini komunitas apaan? Kalau kamu pengen ngikut > Sam Ardi anjing itu ya terserah kamu, toh sampe sekarang dia bukan > orang dimari dan ga punya hak apa-apa. Kamu ga punya bukti diri ya > jangankan bisa join dimari. Kamu ga pantas tinggal di Indonesia. > Gantung diri sanah, dan jangan lupa minta maaf sama ibumu karna > mempermalukan beliau dengan lahir dari rahimnya.

A Little Bit of Words

If you’re a member of this mailing list, please take this as your considerations. I’m not whining or begging you to accept me, no, not ever thinking about it. I’ve joined several other anime communities, and they’re being more open and welcoming for their members. I’d be glad to share my collections with you, but now, I’m reviewing my plan to join the mailing list, if I still get those flame without any basis, certainly I’ll unsubscribe it. I have no problem for getting any series I want, I have decent and cheap bandwidth, better than most of you, and on some occasions I’ve even had a greater-than-unity seed ratio while the download hadn’t finished yet. I’m not joining the mailing list for getting free anime downloads, the torrent trackers out there are enough.
The reason why I join the mailing list is to share, either the goods or the ideas and love on this great modern visual culture. And the topics posted there hardly reflects your identity as the anime fans, i.e. there’s no discussion about latest airing series, the favorite characters. All you talked about were only ‘please mirror this to our server’, ‘HDD price listings’ or ‘hey, I’ve just watched this JAV, it’s great!’.
You have an ideal that you’re being proud about, but it never justifies your acts of flaming and accusing. It’s always a good thing to cling to the old wise sayings, ‘the presumption of innocence’. And if you say, ‘this is just an initiation rite’, then you’re overdoing it. It was not funny at all, and it is certainly offensive for anyone.
As far as I can tell, the only thing you have is your excessive pride for not being a bootlegger, and yet still, all you have on your server, all you’re being proud about, are illegal things, with the exception that you don’t make money out of them.

>Straight Edge, Spartan Anime Mailing List

9 thoughts on “>Straight Edge, Spartan Anime Mailing List

  1. >wkwkwkwk, pundung. Mendingan sebelum join, lu lihat dulu seperti apa suasana di milis. Hell yeah, joke kita tidak semua orang bakal bisa menerima. Klo segini aja pundung, ya gue ragu di kampung sebelahnya lu bakal tahan waktu perkenalan.

  2. >menurut saya ga usah dilanjutkan lagi, baik dari anak2 id-anime ga perlu terus menghujat dan saudara blogger juga stop di situ, belajar untuk sabar. ga perlu join, tinggalkan id-anime, masih banyak tempat lain seperti kata anda sendiri. belajar untuk lebih dewasa.cheers,omgwtf

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