>Sakamoto Maaya: 奇跡の海 (Kiseki No Umi)

>This really beautiful song, from Record of Lodoss War anime series.

You can watch the TV-size version below, along with the original footage from the anime.

This song starts off with something like an African tribal chant (which continues just before the beginning of the verse), and then aura suddenly switches completely into Japanese.

Here, Maaya Sakamoto sings the distinctively Japanese melody with her falsetto voice. This style is much similar to Shikata Akiko’s in 片翼の鳥 (Katayoku no Tori) or VII, minus the hectic atmosphere and intense-ear-exhausting choir from the latter two songs.

An image of a small, isolated island in Japan, with its forest and hills, and traditional Japanese houses, came into my mind the first time I hear the verse. Going further into the imagination, I could easily pictured out a Japanese girl on her kimono looking into the endless ocean. The refrain brought me on a journey in the high seas with her, into a far away land, where much more stories and dreams awaits.
>Sakamoto Maaya: 奇跡の海 (Kiseki No Umi)

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