>Wandering Son Ep 04


Epic win!!
This show is pretty slow-paced, and it’s not in my top waiting-list-of-the-week. But it seems to get into the right direction, things are getting exciting when it’s about to turn into a boring show.

Here’s a screenshot.

The couple looked so well-matched, except that, the boy was the girl, and the girl was the boy.
Somehow, I could understand what Nitori-kun felt to some extent. I’ve always been dreaming about a relationship (heterosexual one… don’t get me wrong) where I, the feminine boy, was the girl and my masculine girlfriend was the boy.
Yeah, I want a female boyfriend.
And if one day she raped me, I wouldn’t mind at all…. No, I’d die happily….
>Wandering Son Ep 04

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