>Commando Girl Homura Magika

>Best show for this week.

This tenth episode from Puella Magi series recounts Homura’s struggle to save Madoka, and it reveals much of the unexplained parts from the canon.
OK, here’s the spoiler in short:
Before she became a puella magi, Homura was a sickly girl. It happened one day, shortly after her discharge from the hospital and her transfer to Madoka’s school, she was rescued by Madoka from a witch’s attack. Homura was very grateful, and she adored Madoka, being a strong fighter who protects the world from evil beings. Sadly, Homura witnessed Madoka’s death after battling a witch (maybe in Walpurgisnacht event). Wanting to save Madoka, she wished that she could go back in time, to fight alongside Madoka, to save her from her death. She leap back through time, over and over again, never succeeded in saving Madoka. Even she learned the bitter truth of being a puella magi (guess you should know what it is already, if not, better not reading this post). She resolved to prevent Madoka from being a puella magi (which explains, why, in this story Madoka hadn’t became puella magi so far).
Certainly Magica Quartet did a good job for the flashback. It was an excellent breakdown, explaining some unanswered questions in a breathtaking way. It also washed away the horrible ‘Archer Hypothesis’ (this is a bizzare speculah that says, Homura is a future version of Madoka, much like Archer and Emiya Shirou).
The most memorable part is Homura’s evolution here. She was not a strong puella magi to begin with, outperformed by Mami and Madoka in every occasions. But she had a strong will, and seemed that she was a geek too. She began to learn to make improvised explosive devices, which she would insert into her time-frozen targets, or firing assault guns. This is something that makes her unique, while other puella magi relies on their magical attack, she uses standard military armaments (although on her character design, she is depicted as an archer with a black bow).
As she went over the time loops, we see the weak, clumsy girl transformed into an elite commando with plus time manipulation ability. The emotional pain she went through forged her into a steel-cold girl, almost never showing her emotions, although deep inside, she truly cares about everyone around her.
Just can’t wait the next episode.
>Commando Girl Homura Magika

>Plans… Plans… It Will Remain Plans….

>As long as I’m alive, there will always be desires, infinite number of them; but the time and chance I have will always be finite.

My life will always be limited by constrains…
Here’s a random rant about many things I wanna do in this so-called ten thousand dimensional net.
Well, reading on anime blogs, and seeing how the writers become popular and ‘looks intellectual’ makes me tempted into writing them too. So far, I’ve managed to write few entries on an anime episode, J-music and otaku subculture. The latter had been the most successful so far, calling out rain of flames and insults from those mentioned in that post. I didn’t care about them anymore, there’s a very slim chance for a single writer to stand against the whole community (yea, it’s my stupidity after all) insisting that they’re the good guys and the writer is just an illiterate, ignorant fool who didn’t comprehend their social codes; and unfortunately, I’m not that smart to write a brilliant argument that could knock them out of their shoes. — Enough with the rants on that community.
There are many excellent anime bloggers out there, and with my slightly below average intelligence, inadequate English, not to mention blogger.com‘s failing WYSIWIG editor that keeps complaining on it’s self-generated HTML codes (yeah, I always write straight on the web editor, I never use any word processors except that legendary LaTeX), I was discouraged. It doesn’t mean that I’m giving up, I’m gonna post my thoughts on recently watched anime episodes or on my beloved waifu singer, I just haven’t got the mood. Perhaps I’ll write them out just for my personal archive; aiming to be an anime blog celebrity is thousand years too early for me.
Mmm… have you ever see a rainmeter with cute anime character (usually moe-blob anime girl) display? I always want them to sweeten my almost-barren desktop. Too bad, AFAIK those cute little sisters only available for Madobe Nanami and her sisters. Rainmeter’s *NIX counterpart, conky, offers only texts and bars by default. Maybe with few lines of Lua scripting and animated moe-girl artworks forked from rainmeter, I could transform conky into a cute little sister I’ve been dreaming about. I would host my project on code.google.com or sourceforge instead of those crappy filehosting services that constantly extort you into paying for their service. Alas, I’ve always been too lazy to read the long, almost incomprehensible manpages or their API documentations. Well, I might work on that project in the near future, if something motivates me.
I also have a non-English fansub project (sorry I won’t give the link here). Currently I have a total of three staffs (including me) and the group had released three episodes, two first episodes of AIR (by myself, single fighter) and the first episode of Kore wa Zombie Desu ka. My motivation was disappointment I felt seeing so many groups releasing fansubbed anime in my language simply translate their script from English fansubs (doesn’t mean that I’m good at Japanese, I could barely understand a dialog in Japanese without repeating them at least one hundred times and consulting to my software dictionary). Thanks to my laziness, the group is now at hiatus once again. I feel sorry for the two staffs that has just joined in eagerly. For now I’ll just concentrating on improving my Japanese language skills and maybe, I’m gonna do small projects such as translating various anime OP/ED clips.

To me, it still remains a mystery, at least for now.
>Plans… Plans… It Will Remain Plans….