Hi10P Saga 第二話: And The Severed Bond Was Revealed

My Hi10P saga almost ended in a good end (not a true end) when I downloaded precompiled mplayer2 binary from the official site. It happily plays Hi10P videos without any complains. Until one day…. *eyes staring far away*

When this unsuspecting poor hero, tried to play a video. An LQ Matroska video.

Mplayer2 crashed. Before there was this symptom, there were some incorrect renderings of the substation alpha. The backtrace went to libfreetype first (I didn’t really know what it actually means, I just guess, there’s something wrong with libfreetype).

Another problem appeared. Xjadeo complained the new FFmpeg-anime, since I built it against the older, standard FFmpeg from distro. OK, it compiled fine, but it didn’t work. Segmentation fault, dunno where it came from. Oh, while I remember it, every time I tried compiling something, the said apps didn’t seem to know my FFmpeg library version. They always assumed that I have the older version, and compiled the FFmpeg-old-version fallback codes, which of course generated error message since the assumed version was nowhere to be found. I don’t know how to deal it, maybe either a clever tuning of configure options, or manual patching of script generated files.

OK, now I don’t have a working xjadeo, and mplayer2 is not fully working.

Note for my dear Archlinux maintainers: now Windows users have CCCP and other codecs with working x264 Hi10P



Now I dismissed FFmpeg-anime, custom-built mpd and x264-hi10p. I need mplayer2 from distro since the official binary wasn’t stable enough. For a time being, there will be no system-wide Hi10P support (I can still use the official binary).

Hi10P Saga 第二話: And The Severed Bond Was Revealed

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