Charlotte Dunois’ Album: Review

Like other heroines from moe-blob anime series, Infinite Stratos girls also got their character image albums. With this crappy internet connection and dwindling storage space, I only take Charlotte Dunois’ album. Hanazawa Kana fever still rules!

This is a quite minimalist release, they didn’t polish the album cover artworks, and each album has only two tracks: a character image song and a character’s cover version of the ending theme. Judging from the track numbers, I didn’t expect anything special from this album.

Indeed, the character’s cover version is just the same as the original version, without any musical rearrangement to highlight the character’s quirky sides. The character image song is no better. An easily forgotten song, despite not a horrible one. Not standing out – like Kajiura’s compositions – nor having a chance to addict its listener after a silent ‘incubation period’ for several weeks to months – like Sakamoto Maaya’s repertoires. Still, with its quite atmosphere, it would make a pretty good lullaby.

However, comparing with Hanazawa’s previous releases, this album has some strong points. First, it is well-mixed unlike Darker Than Black, where Hanazawa’s vocal sounded ‘hollow’ and almost drowned amidst the overly loud accompanying instruments. Second, the character cover track with its sane melody (as opposed to those of 45C or Ren’ai Circulation) really gives Hanazawa a chance to shine with her voice, and perhaps showed her progressing skill as a singer. I still miss Hanazawa’s shaky and breathy voice, tho.


Final note: I don’t really recommend this album except if you are a die-hard fan of Infinite Stratos or Hanazawa Kana.

Charlotte Dunois’ Album: Review

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