Farewell, ITB.

I got accepted to ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology), in Electrical Engineering, on 2007. I just couldn’t keep my pace with the social life there and my study got messed up. Knowing my zero chance for survival, I resigned.

Now I’ll start anew in a less prestigious private university, majoring in Informatics (in case you don’t know, it’s the practical branch of Computer Science). I hope everything will go well, and end well.

The whole story is not that simple, actually, involving my dilemma in my career choice as engineer. Maybe I’ll tell it later.

I’m looking forward to a new campus life, new blue spring, new path that hopefully will guide me to a dream of my own.


2 thoughts on “Rebirth

  1. kamen rider (hahaha) says:

    Sorry dude, if only i could knew you better, maybe you would stay here. I remember those days when you were wandering around SC chasing kittens, haha. Many people were hating you and me myself just ended up “trying” to hate you too. I regreted it now, but i think it doesn’t matter anymore as i can see that you still living your dream there even after so much you’ve taken here. As for me, i’ve already become what people todays called ‘a rebel who already lost their cause’. I know that each one of us have a very different dream (i’m not japs freak, haha), but for a person that already buried their dream because of fearing so much, knowing someone like you exist give me a big smile so my day doesn’t feel like shit and better than that, it’s someone that i know. I am not a religious person, but i hope you can forgive my mistake and the other, minal aidin dude! Please, don’t you ever try to end your life even if tough time demands it.

    “Lenta tempestate non postremum homines duri”

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