Yeah I Already Knew It

That’s a response I hate most when talking to someone. Imagine you’re excitedly talking about something of your interest, something that you’re confident with your understanding about it. Something you’re desperately want to tell. Then in the middle of your spirited explanation, your conversation partner cuts you, ‘Yeah I knew, I knew’. Whether it’s being said for the whole topic or just for a small, intricate detail of your talk, it’s just annoying.

It might be a warning that your partner is not interested anymore with the topic you’re talking, but not always. Maybe your partner doesn’t respect you and he wants to piss you off, but this is a rare case. One obvious thing is that he’s tired with your overly-long speech. If you hear this, you’d better speed the things up, omitting small details until he asks you for deeper explanation. Try to regain the lost momentum.

An interesting thing I’ve recently realized is, you might have put your conversation partner to an identical uncomfortable situation when he feels an urge to utter that very line. Put yourself in this situation, you’re an expert of a certain topic, revered by others as The Guru. And then a n00b comes, start talking about a related topic, and when the conversation comes to the matter of your expertise he begins explaining every detail as if he was teaching basic arithmetic to an imbecile. Of course you’ll feel both bored and offended, and want to cut the stupid talks soon before it’s going nowhere.

Whether the situation might be, using the phrase ‘I already knew it’ to cut a conversation is not something pleasant for your partner. Both parties lose, since the one who puts the other into an uncomfortable situation now finds himself in the same uncomfortable situation too. For the one being offended (with tl;dr explanation or story), it would be better if he use a more polite, subtle way. He could carefully interrupt the talk and redirect the conversation to proceed to the next chapter. A phrase like ‘Oh, I see’ is a better option to interrupt the partner, since (in normal situations) it also shows your respect to the one who’s talking and your interest in the topic he’s talking about. This way, everyone profits.

Yeah I Already Knew It Statistics Mess-Up For East-Asian Music

I joined this group in after frequently read comments like ‘vote for merge with < Japanese version of artist’s name>’ on many Japanese artists page. It didn’t take long for me to realize the problems not addressed in the current scrobbling mechanism. These problems mainly plague Japanese artists, especially from anime-music scene.

To sum them up, here’s the problems

  1. Duplicate pages for artists and tracks, with the original (and official) artist names written in kanji (Sino-Japanese characters), and many versions of Latin (romaji) transliteration. Even a Japanese artist with name ELISA is mistaken for an Italian artist with name Elisa (the former being written in ‘wide-latin’ all-caps characters).
  2. Stats for tracks sung by fictional characters (a character image song or character cover version of a track) are split between the character (with all sorts of romaji transliterations) and the voice actor or singer who really sung them (also with all sorts of transliteration). In this matter I’ll conform to the traditions of western classical opera – identifying the artist as the real-life persona who portrays the character, not the character himself/herself.
  3. Tracks sung by multiple artists (including fictional characters too), I believe this problem also exists for Western artists too.

The only solution available for these problems is requesting suggestion for correction in each artist’s or track’s page, but this doesn’t work satisfactorily as site maintainers wait for enough number of users to file the same correction request before actually performing the correction, and it would take many months before a correction actually takes place at best, or maybe it won’t happen at all.

To ask all user-listeners to tidy up their music file metadata is really implausible, since many casual listeners simply either don’t care or don’t have enough time to clean up their metadata, and maybe some of them wouldn’t like to read the track description in characters they can’t read (it’s possible that a small fraction of users don’t have the proper foreign character rendering support in their system). The statistic collection system for artist/performer also has flaws inherited from the CDDB system: it doesn’t distinguish between an artist and a composer (a relevant matter in classical music), and it doesn’t handle multiple-artist identification.

For those problems, I’ve came up with two suggestion. The first is enforcing metadata conformity standard, much like the RFC-ish standard prescribed by which is likely to be expanded into digital music encoding standard the same way as Uberstandard has been (Uberstandard is such a Windows-exclusive standard, because although a Linux user can apply it, it relies on a Windows-only proprietary software and a proprietary format noted for its technical limitations; it pissing me off since I use Linux exclusively). The second, much more ambitious one, is to draft a new stats management for or other scrobbler sites, with open possibility of modifying the current audioscrobbler’s protocol as well. This will include new features such as stats-linking between related artist entities (multiple artists, fictional characters portrayed by a real-life artists), an option for users whether to display artist or track names in latinized version or in the original writings, differentiation between composer and performer, possibility to record additional track’s information – those recommended Vorbis metadata fields, and many others.

While it is unlikely that I would have enough skills to realize the latter, I will propose the first to community of J-music listeners, although it’s clearly impossible to make all users adopt this standard. Maybe I’ll also try my luck on proposing the second idea to enthusiastic fellows.

First thing first, I’ve got to mend my messy life rhythm. For almost a week I’ve been waking up late, neglecting my heap of laundry, skipping several seminars, not to mention overspending in luxury drinks (namely, Tetra Pak milk) and cigarettes. I’ll definitely be doomed if things keep going on like this. Statistics Mess-Up For East-Asian Music

Hi10P Saga 第三話: XBMC of The Wasteland

Read near the end of this post, I’ve came up with something good.

Here’s the list of search engine terms:

  • +++++hi10p setup linux ubuntu
  • h264 hi10p player
  • x264 10 bit
  • aegisub hi10p
  • hi10p linux

Now this is the answer I’ve been able to come up with so far: XBMC.

XBMC already has Hi10P decoding support, and seemingly flawless substation alpha rendering. It is a highly-bloated full-GUI media center that demands database indexing for each video or music file you want to play (much like mpd, except that: 1 – mpd can do all those stuffs in background without much noise, and 2 – music files are pretty much to sit on their locations for months or years, unlike videos that get swapped away soon after being watched). For Arch users, perhaps this is the most satisfactory solution. Neither VLC nor mplayer2 plays Hi10P, at least not in Archlinux.

Also, you can try mplayer2 binary or the source-code build repo from the official site, which none of them works. Indeed they play Hi10P, but a glitch in their libass causes a crash when rendering substation alpha subtitle. I guess the git version in AUR has the same flaw. Well, I’m pretty confident that almost all of you who searched and stumbled upon this blog need substation alpha support.

Finally, a little suggestion for those with enough curiosity and experience with Linux/BSD software development. As far as I know, the only problem with official developer’s binary or build repo is libass. We should try replacing libass source in the build repo with a newer one, and leave everything else untouched. (if I’m not mistaken, there was a case where libass update from Arch repo caused mplayer2 to crash but it was soon fixed by replacing it with another version).

Ah… how many months has it been since Windoze users have a full, official h264 Hi10P playback support for their media player…. *sigh*


Install XBMC from your distro’s repo.

For all my dear readers, sorry I couldn’t help you much with those rants.

Update キタワァ*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・゜(n‘∀‘)η゚・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* !!!!! 

Hey guys, it’s easier than expected!! Just replace the whole libass from mplayer2 build repo with the latest version (I use 0.9.13). The resulting binary blob plays h264-Hi10P and renders substation alpha softsub perfectly.

I’ve created an Arch PKGBUILD. It’s really messy due to a certain ‘make install’ problem, I’d be glad if you suggest me a clean fix. And, for a certain obvious reason, I only install the Japanese LC_MESSAGE (beside the default English).

Even though there are another git PKGBUILDs with the same functionality, I don’t think they have solved the libass issue. Also, cloning the entire git tree just for a binary blob is really not feasible for those living in developing countries with slow but expensive bandwidth.

Sayonara, XBMC!! \(^_^)/


I haven’t tried hi10p in Aegisub, but since Aegisub uses FFmpeg, it should not be able to play Hi10P videos. It’s not that the Linux port of Aegisub usefully works, either.

I ran out of epic words for this post’s title, so I chose it randomly as long as it sounds epic.

Hi10P Saga 第三話: XBMC of The Wasteland

genjitsu nara sonna ni amaku nante nai kara

The question had been bugging me for a while. Finally I gathered enough courage to google these terms: ‘seiyuu+boyfriend’.

The search result

Face It Dude

Oh Holy Shi~~~~ *speechless*

I felt a pain on my left chest, the pain I’m way too familiar with.

Such pose, no way she’s still ‘pure’ (it’s not that I’m still ‘pure’ either).

The beast on the left is a fellow actor, started his career from childhood much like my exalted princess. Quite normal for someone to get hooked up with another from the same circle, and yeah, now I just look like an idiot who doesn’t know his position. How dare such a failure, an outcast of the society  like me to hit on such a heavenly goddess. Yet that monkey on the left already left a bad impression in my heart, since it was he himself who intentionally leaked the photo, in a worst possible place: the infamous 2chan image board.

Tonight I’ll soak my ear with Sakamoto-sama’s songs. Somehow I feel they’re really soothing, and I always listen them in my restless nights. Last two sachets of instant coffee are waiting their turn to fill my glass. *sigh* Wish I still have some cigarettes left.


No, I won’t give up. I still hold her dearly in the sanctum santorum of my heart. I still aim for her.

genjitsu nara sonna ni amaku nante nai kara

The New Campus: The First Day

Dear human-readers-who-unluckily-stumbled-upon-this-blog, search engine crawlers and blog spam bots, allow me to present you a report of my first (actually first one-and-half) day as a student in my new campus.

My Linear Algebra lecturer was talkative, somewhat sarcastic but fun guy. He spent the first lecture just to explain the scoring system and class (loose) rules. He dismissed the class early but left a good impression in my mind. I’m quite sure he will be easy on giving good marks.

Before the Linear Algebra seminar, there was an incident tho… The lecturer didn’t show up. I took initiative to ask the faculty office, and they said that no lecturer had been assigned for the class. Heck?! I have to pay $40 just for that seminar alone, yet they didn’t handle it properly. Added up minus one point.

This day, the second day, the first class in the schedule was English. Lame. The original lecturer assigned had some other agenda to do and the class was handed over to another lecturer. So, the lecturer doesn’t have enough commitment for her students… And this substitute lecturer wasn’t good either. He explained in Indonesian, created an awkward example sentence (“There are ten fruits on the table.”). Clearly, he seemed not to be used with real English literature/conversation other than those found in TOEFL questions. By the way, the focus for this class isn’t fluency in real spoken or written English, but merely an excellent TOEFL score. Yeah, that’s an expected thing from a private university whose primary goal is producing entrepreneurs and/or office workers who would easily get accepted in many companies.

On the other side, I decided to choose theater and computer research as my club activity. I hope guys from computer club somehow have connections for network admin position in the university or somewhere else so that I can get a part-time job in computer networking, the only field I have confidence with. With a pack of cigarettes each day and a future plan to visit Japan, part-time job is a must.

The New Campus: The First Day

A New Page (An Idol Stalker’s Monologue)


Tomorrow will be my first class in the new campus >.<

The downside is, all the seminars I take this semester are theory lessons, those abstract lessons I’ve never managed to get through in ITB before. I hope here in Udinus (Universitas Dian Nuswantoro Semarang) they’ll go a little bit easier.

Easy enough that I can steal time to get a part time job, since I need money to buy her a wedding ring.

I’m gonna save my first earnings to buy a wedding ring. Yeah, the wedding ring that I’ll give to her later in Japan when I become a fellow voice actor like her.

Just wait for me, OK?! In the meantime, please keep cheering me up with your angelic voice.

Geez, this unrequited feeling really makes my heart beats fast, fast enough that it’s painful.

home sweet home

Someday I’ll buy you a house as nice as that one. It might not be a lavish palace, but I’ll do my best to make the time we’ll be spending there together the best time you’ll ever have in life.

A New Page (An Idol Stalker’s Monologue)

An Idol As The Purpose of My Life

Small Update

I enrolled to a private university, after it was clear that I would never make it alive from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) as a fully-qualified engineer with undergraduate diploma. My new campus is located in Semarang, a city port in Central Java.

As expected from a large city near the sea in tropical land, the temperature here is much hotter than both my hometown and Bandung, where I used to live before. So I spend the first day bare-chested, with fan constantly running. And so it goes, I got a light fever. Not severe enough to make you stay on bed for the whole day, but annoying enough to plague you with persistent nausea every time you’re awoken. As for now, the fever still lingers on, and maybe slight dehydration also contribute to the fever.

A Certain Voice Actress I’ve Never Meet

Someone in Facebook group discussion asked which one to buy first, a BB gun or a dakimakura (in this context, dutch-wife sheath with full body cute-girl picture in anime art style). I really despise his reason to buy dakimakura, ‘to show my status as an otaku’. But now that I think of it, perhaps I’m doing the same as he does, (I would never call myself an otaku, tho).

Over last couple of years I’ve changed my love interest at least 4 times. Most of them are real-life girls I’ve met personally (who avoids or even confronts me after they found that I am a creepy stalker), and some are female 2-D characters from Japanese animations. Now my love interest is a popular Japanese voice actress, several months older than me.

To confirm my unrequited feelings, I begin putting her photo as my cellphone wallpaper, collecting (illegally via internet) and putting her songs in my playlist, and using the characters she portrays as my profile photos on Facebook. Over the internet, I talk a lot about her, quote her songs as my online status, I really declare to everyone that I love her. I plan to collect figurines and merchandises of her characters, and display them in my room.

Strange? Something’s wrong?


While she is a top ranked voice actress with large fan-base,  there are much better voice actresses other than her. She doesn’t have Kugimiya Rie’s trademark specialty, and she’s not as flexible (i.e, capable of changing the voice and portraying a wide array of character personality) as Itou Kanae or Kobayashi Yuu. Her singing talent is nowhere as near as Sakamoto Maaya or Takagaki Ayahi. But still I admire her. She’s the one I’m in love with, no matter what.

How can I fall in love with someone I’ve never met personally?

The answer is, I make my devotion to her as part of my identity. The devotion is something that set me apart from another boys of my age. I am who I am, partly because I admire her, I love her and I really dream that someday I could get married with her.

She’s also my motivation.

Being in my early twenties with no visible success in any field, I need something as my target. Something difficult enough to reach, to motivate me to get the most of myself, and score visible goals. The goals are simple yet foolish, I have to live in Japan in the near future, and start my career path as a voice actor. FYI, my major is neither theatrical arts nor Japanese language, but computer science.

Ridiculous? Certainly.

The plan is straightforward, somehow I’ll obtain a graduate scholarship in Japan, then I’ll sneak out between university class hours for voice acting academy training. Of course I must be careful not to fail in my scholarship study, unless I want to be sent home before I can achieve my dream. Step by step I gain my reputation as voice actor, and someday I may (must) become her acting partner, bonus if I get a role of a character who has romantic relationship or feelings with her character she plays. Over the course of time, I can get closer with her, and tadaa~~~ in my early thirties, we’ll get married, just like the voice actor couple Sakamoto Maaya and Suzumura Kenichi.

That plan is an excellent stimulus for me to be serious in my study. Also, with her as my self-proclaimed significant other, I can avoid hitting any other girls to whom I have some inclinations with. Thus, I could stay away real-life conflicts often faced by teenage couples.

She’s there waiting for me. Someday, ‘as the rain lifts and the rainbow smiles, I’ll walk hand in hand, towards the light’.

Because she’s already put her curse on my soul,

An Idol As The Purpose of My Life