A New Page (An Idol Stalker’s Monologue)


Tomorrow will be my first class in the new campus >.<

The downside is, all the seminars I take this semester are theory lessons, those abstract lessons I’ve never managed to get through in ITB before. I hope here in Udinus (Universitas Dian Nuswantoro Semarang) they’ll go a little bit easier.

Easy enough that I can steal time to get a part time job, since I need money to buy her a wedding ring.

I’m gonna save my first earnings to buy a wedding ring. Yeah, the wedding ring that I’ll give to her later in Japan when I become a fellow voice actor like her.

Just wait for me, OK?! In the meantime, please keep cheering me up with your angelic voice.

Geez, this unrequited feeling really makes my heart beats fast, fast enough that it’s painful.

home sweet home

Someday I’ll buy you a house as nice as that one. It might not be a lavish palace, but I’ll do my best to make the time we’ll be spending there together the best time you’ll ever have in life.

A New Page (An Idol Stalker’s Monologue)

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