The New Campus: The First Day

Dear human-readers-who-unluckily-stumbled-upon-this-blog, search engine crawlers and blog spam bots, allow me to present you a report of my first (actually first one-and-half) day as a student in my new campus.

My Linear Algebra lecturer was talkative, somewhat sarcastic but fun guy. He spent the first lecture just to explain the scoring system and class (loose) rules. He dismissed the class early but left a good impression in my mind. I’m quite sure he will be easy on giving good marks.

Before the Linear Algebra seminar, there was an incident tho… The lecturer didn’t show up. I took initiative to ask the faculty office, and they said that no lecturer had been assigned for the class. Heck?! I have to pay $40 just for that seminar alone, yet they didn’t handle it properly. Added up minus one point.

This day, the second day, the first class in the schedule was English. Lame. The original lecturer assigned had some other agenda to do and the class was handed over to another lecturer. So, the lecturer doesn’t have enough commitment for her students… And this substitute lecturer wasn’t good either. He explained in Indonesian, created an awkward example sentence (“There are ten fruits on the table.”). Clearly, he seemed not to be used with real English literature/conversation other than those found in TOEFL questions. By the way, the focus for this class isn’t fluency in real spoken or written English, but merely an excellent TOEFL score. Yeah, that’s an expected thing from a private university whose primary goal is producing entrepreneurs and/or office workers who would easily get accepted in many companies.

On the other side, I decided to choose theater and computer research as my club activity. I hope guys from computer club somehow have connections for network admin position in the university or somewhere else so that I can get a part-time job in computer networking, the only field I have confidence with. With a pack of cigarettes each day and a future plan to visit Japan, part-time job is a must.

The New Campus: The First Day

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