genjitsu nara sonna ni amaku nante nai kara

The question had been bugging me for a while. Finally I gathered enough courage to google these terms: ‘seiyuu+boyfriend’.

The search result

Face It Dude

Oh Holy Shi~~~~ *speechless*

I felt a pain on my left chest, the pain I’m way too familiar with.

Such pose, no way she’s still ‘pure’ (it’s not that I’m still ‘pure’ either).

The beast on the left is a fellow actor, started his career from childhood much like my exalted princess. Quite normal for someone to get hooked up with another from the same circle, and yeah, now I just look like an idiot who doesn’t know his position. How dare such a failure, an outcast of the society  like me to hit on such a heavenly goddess. Yet that monkey on the left already left a bad impression in my heart, since it was he himself who intentionally leaked the photo, in a worst possible place: the infamous 2chan image board.

Tonight I’ll soak my ear with Sakamoto-sama’s songs. Somehow I feel they’re really soothing, and I always listen them in my restless nights. Last two sachets of instant coffee are waiting their turn to fill my glass. *sigh* Wish I still have some cigarettes left.


No, I won’t give up. I still hold her dearly in the sanctum santorum of my heart. I still aim for her.

genjitsu nara sonna ni amaku nante nai kara

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