Late Night Note: A Creepy Dream

I’ll start my note tonight with some trivial updates.

On yesterday, a Japanese cultural event was held in Semarang Public High School 3, which luckily, not far away from my rented share-house (derp, I googled several times to get a nice translation of kamar kos-kosan with potential candidates including shared-rented-room, or more familiar term boarding-house).

There are not so many things worth telling on that event. The cosplayers were rather few, compared to similar events I had attended while in Bandung. The bands, with exception of being lacking of innovative and fresh repertoire, were fine. There was a band which got a bit of my attention: the vocalist, almost in the same stature as me, had clean and powerful voice. Wish I could sing as good as him. Outside the official stage shows and competitions, there weren’t so many Japanese impressions. The event got a seemingly random name in gratuitous English: ‘J-Soul Matsuri, Futuristic: Panic in Soul’ with no less gratuitous tagline, ‘Indonesia Soul Japanese Future’. Quite normal considering the language usage trends among native Japanese 🙂

What disappointed me was the absence of a serious Japanese culture stand/event. Yeah, things such as tea ceremony, or calligraphy, or simply Japanese language study stand. And I couldn’t meet any Japanese here. At least the event successfully satisfied gamers, cosplayers or internet graphic artists (DA-ers, pixiv-ers or doujinshi makers), but well, I also want more expositions on more fundamental elements of Japanese culture.

茅原実里 - 覚醒フィラメント
[playing] #11/45 0:42/4:51 (14%)

Ah, seems that Minorin would take over the lead from Kana-tan in my stats, thanks to her 3-CD Budokan live album I’ve recently downloaded. To be honest, since I joined, I could never fire up my music player daemon freely anymore. I’ve got a perfectionist trait within me to some extent, and I don’t want my lastfm stats to clutter with incorrect song titles or artist names. I’ve never played quite many tracks since their tags are not compliant with ‘Japanese Artist Unification’ standard, or simply messed up. If I really want to hear them, I use mplayer instead, the one without stats tracking, or stopping my lastfm scrobble daemon first. And I admit that when selecting tracks for my playlist, I consider ‘stats perfectness’ too. Feels like I can’t honestly play anything I want to hear anymore.

It was in that event I could meet my fellow friends from The Otaku Network – a group of Indonesians on Facebook with a heavy air of imageboard memes and mentality (and yeah, they have invented some original memes too) – for the first time. They didn’t look as freak as expected, although their jokes and conversation topics were quite niche. I was happy to find another Japanophile community after being separated from such community (and most likely, being ousted from a Japanese culture club too) for a while. I still lag much behind them on terms of general Japanese popular culture (read: animanga) knowledge, much when I was in other similar circles in Bandung (plus now with crappy modem connection, my anime downloads and watching stats gets lagged too), nevertheless I felt quite comfortable with them. Sadly, about the last 30 minutes of our all-men group date, I got preoccupied with fellow comrade’s laptop and missed much of the conversation. I really hope that my autism in that last 30 minutes didn’t leave much bad impression to them.

A Strange and Creepy Dream

So in present era, there lived a shaman-like healer-priest. Seemed that he ran a, wait… my favorite song….

茅原実里 - Paradise Lost
[playing] #21/41 1:39/5:27 (30%)

the reff is especially catchy ^^ ‘minorin: hanasanai, crowd: hanarenai…’

OK this old priest who ran a small shrine felt that his time was drawing near, and started preparing his son for the priest-shaman position. His son, was an incompetent one, and there were many problems in his personality. I witnessed some serious discussions between the old man and the son, mostly about the woman who will be the son’s wife.

One day the old priest passed away. We (my friends and I were tourists from a distant place, perhaps from foreign country) were there when he spent his final moments. Afterwards, the priest’s body was cremated, and we brought his bone fragments from crematorium back to the shrine.

And the comes the creepy one. I saw the young priest filled pipe bone fragments with snacks, to be given to children. “He was a merry man, he didn’t want his death to be a mourning time, he wanted us all to be happy,” the new priest said to me. I still looked at the snacks with shocked expression.

“No, no, it isn’t what you think. I keep his remains safely somewhere else,” he quickly calmed me down.

Then, the POV switched to the young priest, a flashback. I saw the serious discussions between him and his father in first person’s view. The old man was really concerned about the woman who will bear his son’s children, since they were to be his successors too. It seemed that his son had a bad sexual attitude: he had been having extra-marital sexual affairs with various women, and the old man already knew this.

After the old priest left, the old priest’s son slept. In the midst of his sleep, he felt a terrible sensation somewhere between his crotch, and a heavenly voice spoke to him: “You are condemned, you shall have no offspring, since you had done wrong. And your father’s house shall perish.”

Then I found myself back on my bed, no-pan(tsu).

Maybe the horrible sensation that was felt by the young priest came from me sleeping in no-pan.

But the circumstances between the old priest and his son really left an impression in my mind. A stream of thoughts flashed through my conscience.

My father, is just as old as the senior priest I saw in my dream. I am my father’s only child, just like the young priest.

Am I doing something wrong?

I’ve failed to realize my parents’ expectation, would I fail their expectations forever?

Could I continue my old man’s virtues, and reach what he could never attain in his lifetime? Am I able to be his successor?

Late Night Note: A Creepy Dream

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