Gillete Refillable Razor Blade

Yes, this is a personal promo from me.

Gillete Vector Refill Package

Gillete is a popular razor brand in Indonesia, since my father’s era. That was when a razor blade came as stainless steel cartridge and a thin, wide replaceable blade It had been since replaced by disposable plastic razors. The cheaper products are sold as whole and they go straight to trash can after reaching their usage limit, but more expensive models have refillable heads, much like the older razors. They also have tilting razor heads, reducing the risk of skin cut.

As a self-proclaimed environmentalist, I just can’t stand the amount of plastic I am wasting if I keep using disposable razors. I meant, seriously, how can you just throw away toxic, non-biodegradable materials that will lurk thousand years on the earth, only because a small part of it is no longer usable, while the larger structure is still intact without any damage? That’s why I started to use an expensive razor blade with refillable head. This way, I could save some plastic to be reused, thus reducing the environmental burden in a place that has yet to see its own reliable plastic recycling plant.

The TCO for a refillable razor blade may never compete with the cheaper disposable model, but if you take the environment and future generations into account, I believe every extra cents I’m spending will worth.

Because I was born and nurtured by Mother Earth, it is my duty to protect her by all means possible.

If you love nature, buy refillable safety razors.

Gillete Refillable Razor Blade

Good for Nothing

Beberapa kawan saya pasti akan mengomel membaca ini.

Bang Anju, Mas Yohan, mungkin Jerio.

Cowok yang rants soal kejelekan dirinya, nggak manly, bukan?

YMGL, saya masih kecewa dengan diri saya sendiri. Tidak punya power, tidak ada prestasi nyata, dan masih jomblo.

Paling mengecewakan adalah fakta bahwa saya nggak bisa membaur, di mana pun juga. Outcast.

Cuma bisa merasa jengkel saat melihat foto group dating, dengan orang-orang terlihat begitu akrab, dan begitu tenggelam dalam dunia mereka.

Berharap suatu saat bisa masuk lingkaran mereka.

Good for Nothing

Aegisub Solved! (Part of The Hi10P Saga, lol)

Last time I made my Aegisub useless by upgrading it with the latest binary build for Linux (32-bit), crash immediately upon loading any video/audio. I used to download the binary because  it used to work fairly well, crashing randomly every now and then but nevertheless, I was satisfied.

And then, a couple of weeks ago I found out why many FFmpeg-based applications won’t compile. It was a manually installed old version of FFmpeg headers and libraries, those leftover in /usr/local from the early days of my Archlinux period, when I hadn’t heard of all the good things about PKGBUILD and AUR. Since it was installed manually from Makefile, it was outside the hands of the system’s package management database, and I quickly forgotten that it ever existed in my system. For months (maybe for almost a year), I kept being intrigued on why my installed FFmpeg apps always returned dynamic library-related errors whenever I tried to run them. The ‘clean’ solution was very straightforward: wipe out all those leftover trash from that early experiment (which ironically, was carried out for the sake of the Aegisub).

With the rivaling headers and libraries eliminated, I successfully compiled AUR’s Aegisub-svn. For the first time, I have a working Aegisub build from the source code (hell, I couldn’t build it when I was using Ubuntu, AUR’s really great!), after almost two years of unsuccessful brute-force attempts.

Now, I’m tempted to enter the fansub world, once more.

Aegisub and Hi10P h264

Nah, I dunno if you guys just type those keywords for teh lulz or something else, but I’ll just share my experience and try to explain it with my limited knowledge about multimedia software.

Aegisub does not seem to have any internal multimedia codec. It depends on your system’s codec library (at least the one build from source for Linux/*NIX systems). Whether your Aegisub could render Hi10P/h264-10bit or not is determined by the codec installed in your system. It’s simple to get it work: install the latest stable codec available, the one your (expert) friend recommend you. So far, the most recommended codec pack for Windows is CCCP. Standard FFmpeg from your distro’s official repo works well for most users, I think.

I have FFmpeg 2011.11.08, upon which I build my Aegisub, and now I’m using a h264-10bit LQ MKV as my working raw. It just works out of the box, no patches.

And lol, sorry for misleading you all. Seventy-percent or more of my problems told in this Hi10P saga came from my own fault. Sorry about all the rants, although I still think one of them is true (native or cross-platform avisynth for *NIX).

The more I learn, the more I know how few my knowledge is.

Aegisub Solved! (Part of The Hi10P Saga, lol)

First Impressions for Fall 2011 Anime Series

This season, I’ve resolved myself to finish at least a title, even with this snail-fast internet connection. Oh, I don’t wanna watch the crappy XViD encode versions, or even Mini-HD ones. I have picky hearing and vision, so downloading the HDTV 720p rip is unavoidable, even if it means that I have to leave my Alice-tan up and running for 24/7 (perhaps with occasional reboots after kernel upgrade).

I’ve started watching some titles. Since I don’t have much storage space left, and my laptop’s optical drive can’t burn DVDs anymore, not to mention the slow download, I have to be very picky on which titles to follow. Well, I feel obliged to archive all the titles I’ve watched, so I can’t just trash the files right after I watched them.

Here goes the fall 2011 series I’m following right now, and my early opinions which set the download priority.

C3 (~Ep. 3)
Cute heroine, and brilliant animation, especially those colorful light beam highlights. Not much to praise about the story, the emotional moments are more of putting drag to the show, rather than touching your heart. Feels like I’m watching yet another Dragon Crisis. If I find this worthy enough at the end, I’ll archive the BD-Rip release.
Priority: medium

Chihayafuru (~Ep. 1)
I don’t really fond of the shoujo-manga style character design. So far, so so. The show’s premise looks promising, tho, as it deals with a relatively obscure form of classical Japanese literary culture.
Priority: medium-low

Guilty Crown (~Ep. 1)
Awesome! Excellently animated fast-paced action. Its first episode succesfully made me fall in love with this title. Interesting plot with a cool protagonist. Action is not my favorite genre, but I’ll definitely go for this one.
Priority: medium-high

Fate/Zero (~Ep. 4)
This is the much awaited show of the season. I liked Fate/Stay Night visual novel, and I’m interested with Fate/Zero, the prequel, after a friend gave me some teasers (along with spoilers) which he got from his brother who read the original light novel in Japanese. The animation is much superior than Fate/Stay Night (as far as I can tell from the opening clip, since I didn’t watch F/SN animation). Not surprising, since it’s designed by the same animator who produced Kara no Kyoukai movie series. The visual details are so excellently crafted that one of the episode costs 513MB, even in 10-bit h264 encoding. More than the animation, I love the show’s theme and universe. A clash between the ancient and the modern always intrigues me, that’s why I love movies like One Upon A Time in China and The Last Samurai. This anime is no different from them.
Priority: high

Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai (~Ep. 5)
Well, this is just a generic harem comedy, but with my future wife among the cast line-up, crispy humor and lighthearted story, interesting characters, I just can’t forgive myself if I miss this one.
Priority: high

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon (~Ep. 2)
I still can’t understand the story well, but somehow the nicely coreographed futuristic battle and that certain character with incomplete sex-reassignment keeps my eyes to this show.
Priority: low

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai (~Ep. 1)
I quickly fell in love with the protagonist, seeing him as an idealized form of myself, sharing the same unrequited love drama and the personal view which values intelligence and wisdom over sheer physical prowess. The Takeshi Castle-style mock battle is plainly hillarious, although the animation quality is mediocre.
Priority: high

Mirai Nikki (~Ep. 4)
Interesting theme with an adorable yandere chick, and her hot romantic passion (from the spoiler I unluckily stumbled upon, there will be erotic scenes in the later episodes). I like the protagonist, although I keep wondering why an unwilling random generic guy tangled with his emotional problems and self-guilt accusations seems to be a recurrent choice for main protagonists in Japanese animation. The show itself, is more likely of an intense action type, instead of NGE-ish complex mindfuck.
Priority: high (Please IB, don’t drop this show, the other evil fansubber are releasing with hardsubbed KFX to show off their e-penises)

Tamayura (~Ep. 1)
Slice of life in its literal sense. The ‘I don’t mind watching this’ kind of story. It will end nicely without putting any bad criticism or flame commentary if the story doesn’t troll its watchers. But hell, it’s damn too plain!
Priority: low (with a fair chance of being dropped)

Mashiroiro Symphony (~Ep. 1)
Generic romance drama, period. Not bad.
Priority: medium

First Impressions for Fall 2011 Anime Series

Resurrecting Arcueid: First Attempt

arcueid pxe
Arcueid on installation

That junk on the right is Arcueid, my antique PC. She used to be ‘sandbag’, i.e. the PC on which I played strategy games, against weak (and still further weakened if possible) AIs. An unfortunate existence, being obsolete only within months after I bought her. She was still with me when I spend my first months in Bandung on my undergraduate study, but thanks to the spiraling fate, she was separated from me almost a year. That time when we were separated, I got my Alice-tan, an Acer laptop on which I write this blog.

Thanks to Linux, I am not addicted to any 3D games, so I don’t need an expensive gaming PC with 900W VGA card.

And thanks to East Asian popular culture, I need more and more data storage , and a 24/7 torrent slave.

That’s why once again I turned my back on Arcueid.

I brought her along, under heavy rain, to the campus. I had to find a keyboard and a monitor – I didn’t carry them from home since I was planning to run Arcueid as a headless machine. You may ask why I want a headless machine with limited functions (mostly for unattended and/or automated tasks). Well, that’s because my rent room landlord charges extra $5 for each PC you use there. I can’t afford the extra ‘electric power billing’; you can say that the powered-on motherboard with connected HDD and network cable minus casing and all the LEDs over there is just ‘a pile of broken electronics junk’.

At first, I tried a normal install with a bootable CD. It was failed, the DVD-RW drive which I bought was broken, perhaps from several hours of rough ride on the bus from my home.

Second try, PXE network boot. Almost! The monitor displayed the typical installation menu, but failed to read the kernel. It turned out that PXE requires a special type of installation image.

Another 600MB to download, and I was already too tired.

Halfheartedly, I pack up Arcueid and all her cables, heading to my rent-room.

I hope, someday (not that ‘several years after’ but within a month) I could resurrect Arcueid, after being disassembled from her casing. Yeah, that’s why I call her Arcueid, after a heroine who could turn back into life even though her body had been sliced into seven pieces.

PS: I vaguely remember that I used to think of her as a more masculine existence, giving her name something like ‘General Sherman’.

Resurrecting Arcueid: First Attempt