Resurrecting Arcueid: First Attempt

arcueid pxe
Arcueid on installation

That junk on the right is Arcueid, my antique PC. She used to be ‘sandbag’, i.e. the PC on which I played strategy games, against weak (and still further weakened if possible) AIs. An unfortunate existence, being obsolete only within months after I bought her. She was still with me when I spend my first months in Bandung on my undergraduate study, but thanks to the spiraling fate, she was separated from me almost a year. That time when we were separated, I got my Alice-tan, an Acer laptop on which I write this blog.

Thanks to Linux, I am not addicted to any 3D games, so I don’t need an expensive gaming PC with 900W VGA card.

And thanks to East Asian popular culture, I need more and more data storage , and a 24/7 torrent slave.

That’s why once again I turned my back on Arcueid.

I brought her along, under heavy rain, to the campus. I had to find a keyboard and a monitor – I didn’t carry them from home since I was planning to run Arcueid as a headless machine. You may ask why I want a headless machine with limited functions (mostly for unattended and/or automated tasks). Well, that’s because my rent room landlord charges extra $5 for each PC you use there. I can’t afford the extra ‘electric power billing’; you can say that the powered-on motherboard with connected HDD and network cable minus casing and all the LEDs over there is just ‘a pile of broken electronics junk’.

At first, I tried a normal install with a bootable CD. It was failed, the DVD-RW drive which I bought was broken, perhaps from several hours of rough ride on the bus from my home.

Second try, PXE network boot. Almost! The monitor displayed the typical installation menu, but failed to read the kernel. It turned out that PXE requires a special type of installation image.

Another 600MB to download, and I was already too tired.

Halfheartedly, I pack up Arcueid and all her cables, heading to my rent-room.

I hope, someday (not that ‘several years after’ but within a month) I could resurrect Arcueid, after being disassembled from her casing. Yeah, that’s why I call her Arcueid, after a heroine who could turn back into life even though her body had been sliced into seven pieces.

PS: I vaguely remember that I used to think of her as a more masculine existence, giving her name something like ‘General Sherman’.

Resurrecting Arcueid: First Attempt

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