First Impressions for Fall 2011 Anime Series

This season, I’ve resolved myself to finish at least a title, even with this snail-fast internet connection. Oh, I don’t wanna watch the crappy XViD encode versions, or even Mini-HD ones. I have picky hearing and vision, so downloading the HDTV 720p rip is unavoidable, even if it means that I have to leave my Alice-tan up and running for 24/7 (perhaps with occasional reboots after kernel upgrade).

I’ve started watching some titles. Since I don’t have much storage space left, and my laptop’s optical drive can’t burn DVDs anymore, not to mention the slow download, I have to be very picky on which titles to follow. Well, I feel obliged to archive all the titles I’ve watched, so I can’t just trash the files right after I watched them.

Here goes the fall 2011 series I’m following right now, and my early opinions which set the download priority.

C3 (~Ep. 3)
Cute heroine, and brilliant animation, especially those colorful light beam highlights. Not much to praise about the story, the emotional moments are more of putting drag to the show, rather than touching your heart. Feels like I’m watching yet another Dragon Crisis. If I find this worthy enough at the end, I’ll archive the BD-Rip release.
Priority: medium

Chihayafuru (~Ep. 1)
I don’t really fond of the shoujo-manga style character design. So far, so so. The show’s premise looks promising, tho, as it deals with a relatively obscure form of classical Japanese literary culture.
Priority: medium-low

Guilty Crown (~Ep. 1)
Awesome! Excellently animated fast-paced action. Its first episode succesfully made me fall in love with this title. Interesting plot with a cool protagonist. Action is not my favorite genre, but I’ll definitely go for this one.
Priority: medium-high

Fate/Zero (~Ep. 4)
This is the much awaited show of the season. I liked Fate/Stay Night visual novel, and I’m interested with Fate/Zero, the prequel, after a friend gave me some teasers (along with spoilers) which he got from his brother who read the original light novel in Japanese. The animation is much superior than Fate/Stay Night (as far as I can tell from the opening clip, since I didn’t watch F/SN animation). Not surprising, since it’s designed by the same animator who produced Kara no Kyoukai movie series. The visual details are so excellently crafted that one of the episode costs 513MB, even in 10-bit h264 encoding. More than the animation, I love the show’s theme and universe. A clash between the ancient and the modern always intrigues me, that’s why I love movies like One Upon A Time in China and The Last Samurai. This anime is no different from them.
Priority: high

Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai (~Ep. 5)
Well, this is just a generic harem comedy, but with my future wife among the cast line-up, crispy humor and lighthearted story, interesting characters, I just can’t forgive myself if I miss this one.
Priority: high

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon (~Ep. 2)
I still can’t understand the story well, but somehow the nicely coreographed futuristic battle and that certain character with incomplete sex-reassignment keeps my eyes to this show.
Priority: low

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai (~Ep. 1)
I quickly fell in love with the protagonist, seeing him as an idealized form of myself, sharing the same unrequited love drama and the personal view which values intelligence and wisdom over sheer physical prowess. The Takeshi Castle-style mock battle is plainly hillarious, although the animation quality is mediocre.
Priority: high

Mirai Nikki (~Ep. 4)
Interesting theme with an adorable yandere chick, and her hot romantic passion (from the spoiler I unluckily stumbled upon, there will be erotic scenes in the later episodes). I like the protagonist, although I keep wondering why an unwilling random generic guy tangled with his emotional problems and self-guilt accusations seems to be a recurrent choice for main protagonists in Japanese animation. The show itself, is more likely of an intense action type, instead of NGE-ish complex mindfuck.
Priority: high (Please IB, don’t drop this show, the other evil fansubber are releasing with hardsubbed KFX to show off their e-penises)

Tamayura (~Ep. 1)
Slice of life in its literal sense. The ‘I don’t mind watching this’ kind of story. It will end nicely without putting any bad criticism or flame commentary if the story doesn’t troll its watchers. But hell, it’s damn too plain!
Priority: low (with a fair chance of being dropped)

Mashiroiro Symphony (~Ep. 1)
Generic romance drama, period. Not bad.
Priority: medium

First Impressions for Fall 2011 Anime Series

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