Aegisub Solved! (Part of The Hi10P Saga, lol)

Last time I made my Aegisub useless by upgrading it with the latest binary build for Linux (32-bit), crash immediately upon loading any video/audio. I used to download the binary because  it used to work fairly well, crashing randomly every now and then but nevertheless, I was satisfied.

And then, a couple of weeks ago I found out why many FFmpeg-based applications won’t compile. It was a manually installed old version of FFmpeg headers and libraries, those leftover in /usr/local from the early days of my Archlinux period, when I hadn’t heard of all the good things about PKGBUILD and AUR. Since it was installed manually from Makefile, it was outside the hands of the system’s package management database, and I quickly forgotten that it ever existed in my system. For months (maybe for almost a year), I kept being intrigued on why my installed FFmpeg apps always returned dynamic library-related errors whenever I tried to run them. The ‘clean’ solution was very straightforward: wipe out all those leftover trash from that early experiment (which ironically, was carried out for the sake of the Aegisub).

With the rivaling headers and libraries eliminated, I successfully compiled AUR’s Aegisub-svn. For the first time, I have a working Aegisub build from the source code (hell, I couldn’t build it when I was using Ubuntu, AUR’s really great!), after almost two years of unsuccessful brute-force attempts.

Now, I’m tempted to enter the fansub world, once more.

Aegisub and Hi10P h264

Nah, I dunno if you guys just type those keywords for teh lulz or something else, but I’ll just share my experience and try to explain it with my limited knowledge about multimedia software.

Aegisub does not seem to have any internal multimedia codec. It depends on your system’s codec library (at least the one build from source for Linux/*NIX systems). Whether your Aegisub could render Hi10P/h264-10bit or not is determined by the codec installed in your system. It’s simple to get it work: install the latest stable codec available, the one your (expert) friend recommend you. So far, the most recommended codec pack for Windows is CCCP. Standard FFmpeg from your distro’s official repo works well for most users, I think.

I have FFmpeg 2011.11.08, upon which I build my Aegisub, and now I’m using a h264-10bit LQ MKV as my working raw. It just works out of the box, no patches.

And lol, sorry for misleading you all. Seventy-percent or more of my problems told in this Hi10P saga came from my own fault. Sorry about all the rants, although I still think one of them is true (native or cross-platform avisynth for *NIX).

The more I learn, the more I know how few my knowledge is.

Aegisub Solved! (Part of The Hi10P Saga, lol)

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