Gillete Refillable Razor Blade

Yes, this is a personal promo from me.

Gillete Vector Refill Package

Gillete is a popular razor brand in Indonesia, since my father’s era. That was when a razor blade came as stainless steel cartridge and a thin, wide replaceable blade It had been since replaced by disposable plastic razors. The cheaper products are sold as whole and they go straight to trash can after reaching their usage limit, but more expensive models have refillable heads, much like the older razors. They also have tilting razor heads, reducing the risk of skin cut.

As a self-proclaimed environmentalist, I just can’t stand the amount of plastic I am wasting if I keep using disposable razors. I meant, seriously, how can you just throw away toxic, non-biodegradable materials that will lurk thousand years on the earth, only because a small part of it is no longer usable, while the larger structure is still intact without any damage? That’s why I started to use an expensive razor blade with refillable head. This way, I could save some plastic to be reused, thus reducing the environmental burden in a place that has yet to see its own reliable plastic recycling plant.

The TCO for a refillable razor blade may never compete with the cheaper disposable model, but if you take the environment and future generations into account, I believe every extra cents I’m spending will worth.

Because I was born and nurtured by Mother Earth, it is my duty to protect her by all means possible.

If you love nature, buy refillable safety razors.

Gillete Refillable Razor Blade

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