Cute numbers, isn’t it?

Well, this one’s just a random mix-up… I just feel wanna tell anything random. Pretty much of my life is spent in front of my laptop, inside the browser window, right now. Much of my daily story will come from social networking websites. Pathetic, isn’t it?

Found myself a master (or more exactly, my mistress Ojou-sama). Uhm… I haven’t figured out yet what I supposed to do as a butler, for Ojou-sama lives far away from me and I haven’t really met her. Hell, I don’t even know if I’m worthy enough to be a butler since I can’t keep my room tidy for more than two or three days. Maybe I’m no good at anything other than disrupting Milady’s fangirling time ;; >_<)

Learned Perl, for a fansub project. I needed a complex karaoke-FX subtitle, but the Lua automation engine in my Aegisub failed with epic crashes. The crashes were so severe that it brought down the whole OS to a complete comatose. That was when I decided to use Perl scripts as a makeshift for the Lua engine. It turned out to be a simple but great language, and like they said, quick and dirty. I didn’t finish my plan but I got myself some basic knowledge in Perl.

Another thing I learned: it’s much better to invest early on a loaf of bread, margarine and chocolate sprinkles, or some packs of instant noodles. They serve as a good snack, whenever I feel hungry and yet it’s too late at night to find any open restaurant or peddlers, or when I ran out of money but already too weak from starvation to walk and draw some cash from a cash machine.


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