The First For 2012

Already at the end of the first month in 2012, but I only managed to move my fingers for this very post. Meh, there’s another unfinished draft that I wrote this month but I’m gonna drop it anyway.

Let’s see how far I’ve made it through from mid-2011 when I quit from ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology) to this day, as a freshman in a private university, barely saved from becoming a high school graduate NEET or a factory worker at best.

As a freshman, I passed on four courses, with overall average grade, and failed on two courses because I skipped classes too much. Maybe that was not a great deal since I’m now on a private university with much lower standard than my previous campus, but anyway, that was a pretty good leap forward for me myself, from a total slacker who didn’t even know the test schedule, to a low-average private university student. I missed the heavy academic pressure of my former university, but maybe this ‘low and easy’ standard is the best for me, since I was easily demotivated by difficult class materials and assignments.

I don’t get as much social exposure as I used to be in Bandung, partly because my classmates and neighbors are not as amicable as my friends in Bandung, and also because I feel some kind of elitism, after knowing that almost all of them have ‘mainstream’ taste for music and TV shows. I have yet to find my circles too: anime otaku circles and groups which discuss social and philosophical matters. I’ve found the first but I haven’t settled with them yet.

For anime: I only finished two series, Haganai, Morita S2 and Fate/Zero. Well, on a snail-slow dial-up with the cheapest service, that was quite an achievement.

The First For 2012

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