Review: (C81) 麻枝准 x やなぎなぎ – Killer Song


This is a much anticipated album from C81. Everyone seemed to be talking about it. Hey, this is all about Jun Maeda, a multi-talented composer, lyricist and author, and yanaginagi, whose her sweet voice had sweetened Bakemonogatari and helped popularizing supercell to wider general audiences [citation needed].

My first impression for this album was that the album served as yanaginagi’s ‘revenge’ against supercell. Well, that’s certainly not true since yanaginagi’s career hasn’t faded at all. While the first track for the album shares superficial similarity with other supercell’s compositions, I don’t think the similarity resulted from a deliberate imitation. The album didn’t have much similarity with Maeda’s work in Angel Beats either.

The album kicks off with an upbeat titular song, which easily caught my attention. Its simple melody flows with ease along with a well-orchestrated ‘gig-friendly’ musical arrangement. From the musical style, I didn’t expect that the song was actually a Snow White-esque fairy tale, except that it had the gender role for the protagonists pair swapped. The second track, 「終わりの世界から」 (Owari no Sekai kara) follows the same upbeat style, about an unrequited love story. I haven’t understood the story yet since without dictionary, the lyrics are beyond my grasp.

「きみのairplane] (Kimi no Airplane) is a slow, piano driven ballad. While this is an excellent song on its own, it is easily shaded by the first two tracks, making it apparently inferior to the others. I began to fully appreciate the song only after I carefully listened to it several times. Usually, I like a mellow song faster than other songs in an album, but the lack of rhythm and the slow melodic movement made this song harder to enjoy after having myself immersed with more energetic music.

While some of my friends in my anime-otaku (sigh, I hate using that word) circle expressed their disappointment for the anticipated album, I found nothing in this album that fell short of my expectation. Perhaps, it was because I didn’t expect anything from the album at all. After all, I know almost nothing about Comiket and doujinshi scene of Japanese culture, let alone about this EP project. Still, I love this album. I like its easy-listening and well-arranged music. yanaginagi’s vocal fits well into the songs, telling the angst hidden deep within the easygoing beats. The only minus point is that the album doesn’t come with instrumental tracks.

Final Score: 7.5/10

Review: (C81) 麻枝准 x やなぎなぎ – Killer Song

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