Following Tweets Via Cron

This dirty little Perl script maintains a simple log of tweets from a @username. Adding it as an hourly cron job will make it easier for you to stalk follow someone on Twitter.

To use the script, you need to have Perl installed and bti(1) properly configured with your account and the respective access tokens. Follow instructions from bti’s homepage on how to get it all working. Restrictions found in Twitter also applies with this script, i.e. you can’t follow someone who has made his/her timeline private.

For now (and perhaps forever), this script can’t fetch more than 18 tweets at any given time, and it can’t catch the gap if you’ve missed more than 18 tweets. Names for the monthly log file doesn’t reflect the real timestamp when tweets were sent, instead it reflects the time when the script retrieves those tweets.

And here we go:

Following Tweets Via Cron

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