About This Blog

This blog was started as flashmodem.blogspot.com. It was conceived when my friend, Nuzulul Iman, asked my help to set up a blog for his online USB modems shop. The plan was soon abandoned because neither of us were familiar with Blogspot, and he decided to set up his own WordPress blog.

I took over the blog to write my own personal stuffs. Like this blog, it was mostly about rants, and shameless lamentations about my love problems (I still write some on that matter here). Because of difficulties I encountered in formatting the posts, I decided to move on to WordPress, and migrated all posts I created there to this blog (including the first two posts about Iman’s online business). I wrote mainly about Linux and its softwares, including (and mostly still on) troubles I went through as I used them. Another topics are Japanese popular culture and other random stuffs that happened to pass through my mind.

Originally I wanted to use ‘rosenkavalier’ as the name, but it was already taken. I decided to take ‘apatheticbeliever’ as this blog’s name. Why? Because my friend said that I was one, when I told him that I still believe in God and my religion but no longer observe all the obligations faithfully as a believer, and that I am on the borderline of becoming an agnostic or atheist.

Before this blog and ‘flashmodem’, I’ve already written a blog since my first year in the university, with the address ‘marshwillow.wordpress.com’. It was no longer exist as I never accessed it (I lost the automatically generated recovery password along with my Windows XP system when I first installed Ubuntu). Not much different, rants and rants. Well, basically I enjoyed telling stories of my own stupidity.

I am trying my best to write in English so that my writings can reach wider audience. Yeah, you’ll notice that this blog is not written by a native speaker, it has certain language characteristics commonly found in writings by Indonesians. Nevertheless I tried my best to improve my English. I hope someday my writings would be as natural as the one created by a native speaker. Sometimes I write in Indonesian if I feel I couldn’t express my emotions well in English.

Another thing set to achieve is to write in smart and witty tone, arguing on complex matters with humorous and satirical style. I found that the writers who wrote in this manner on social matters ranks in the topmost caste of blog writers, and that they are the ones who have most followers and get the most comments. More than just page views, their writings are valuable since they give us a new insight to our world, highlighting our life from a different perspective. It’s difficult, if not impossible considering my present thinking habit, but I’ll try my best.

For all readers, I would like to express my humble gratitude for visiting this blog.


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