Just an ordinary boy in his early twenties. An undergraduate-dropout, now a NEET starting over as computer science undergraduate in a local private university. An airhead-ENTP red-tabby cat. I check my Facebook and last.fm everyday, read online forums, from a local railfan community, anime club (either the elitist or the more open one), to various Linux forums. My (productive) activities are learning Japanese, tweaking my Linux laptop and sometimes doing fansubs and fandubs. I aspire to become an IT sage, just like RMS or ESR, while at the same time having a successful career as voice actor. My wildest dream is to become an anime voice actor (of course in Japan, not just in voice-over productions), and get married with Hanazawa Kana.

Update: as now I have graduated and started a job as programmer. I postpone my obsession of learning classical piano, recently started classical vocal lesson instead. Wish that someday I can perform Vaughan Williams’ “Songs of Travel” in its entirety. Still dreaming that someday I can go to Japan and meet my favorite voice actress.

By the way, HanaKana is no longer my number one idol. Now I’m infatuated with Hayamin XD


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    1. Yeah, I’m disappointed to find that he’s a racist after reading his blog posts on western cultural supremacy, and his Islamophobic opinions. Still, his writings and essays on technology are interesting.

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