Kimiboshi is not as easy as I first thought orz

This vocaloid soft ballad song by 40mP doesn’t seem like a technically difficult song on quick glance. Relatively normal range span, no fast tongue-twisting passages, no screams….

After several (desperate) tries, turns out that it’s not as easy as it seems. There are many difficult passages, not to mention the emotional expressiveness it demands.

I sing the melodies one octave lower than the original, which is too low for my light voice. It sounds too thin. If I transpose to match my sweet spot, I lose the higher notes (my upper limit is lacking compared to an average guy’s staple notes).

Seems that I have to bring higher notes heavier to match the lower notes on the leaping part before the reff (‘kimi no egao ga setsunasugite’). Then I need to lighten the first line of the reff (‘hokoreru hodo nanimo dekinakute’) or I’ll lose the highest notes. Once I’ve securely settled on the reff, I want to bring heavier voice for the last line (‘.. kiesatte shimatte mo..’). Easier said than done. It’s difficult to get that ‘free all-out climax’ like what I heard in good covers of this song.

Meh. I’m gonna try it and post it, no matter how fail it will be.

Kimiboshi is not as easy as I first thought orz